PR Lighting’s new hybrid BWS (Beam Wash Spot) hybrid threatened the steal to the show at the recent GET Show in Guangzhou and Frankfurt Prolight+Sound, two of the global production industry’s major shop windows.

The Chinese manufacturer has wasted no time in capitalising on these lightshow extravaganzas, and has followed up last year’s XR 330 BWS release with the new XR 440 BWS, which is now shipping.

This new range of high-output moving heads integrates three features in one unit, and adopt PR patented technology.

The XR 440 BWS houses a powerfulOsram Sirius HRI 440W lamp, and features include an advanced colour index with CYM linear colour mixing system, with macro; colour wheel with 12 colours and CTO plus open; bi-directional rainbow effect at variable speeds; step/linear colour change.

There is a fixed gobo wheel with 13 fixed gobos plus open, bi-directionally scrolling at variable speeds — plus a shake effect at variable speeds.

The fixture also contains a rotating gobo wheel, with nine rotating gobos plus open, bi-directionally scrolling at variable speeds — plus a shake effect at variable speeds.

Either glass or metal gobos can be fitted.

The fixture contains two prisms — one 8-facet and one 16 facet — with bi-directional rotation at variable speeds, plus an optional 3-facet and gradient prisms.

Other features include frost filter, and motorized linearly adjustable focus and zoom — as well as strobe (shutter speed 0-3-25fps). The head movement offers 540° pan and 270° tilt.

Check out the 2013 Light Show from PR Lighting July 20 2013

This video was shot in the PR Lighting Show room, at their factory.

Latest LED Product Updates July 10 2013

Eaglefai have just released their new 5-in-one-LED (3W RGBW-A) wash bars. They have applied this technology to stage pars- moving head washes - and the new LED wash bar.


PR have just released their latest XLED 250 moving head spot, it is using CREE technology, it has been designed for bar and club use. This unit would happily replace the XS250 as an LED alternative.

AC Light have just launched their AC Beam 330 which is extremely unique as it has a motorized iris. It also has fixed and rotating gobos.